W-S Urban League Members in the news!

W-S Urban League Members in the news!

Burke family has a legacy of public service

By Todd Luck, W-S Chronicle

For the last 40 years, local residents have been casting their votes for members of the Burke family.

Winston-Salem Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian Burke first ran in 1977, winning her seat to represent the Northeast Ward on the Board of Aldermen, which is now known as the Winston-Salem City Council. She was one of the first two African-American women elected to the board; the other being Dr. Virginia Newell, who was also elected that year. Cont

Endia Beal makes art to inspire and give voice to the voiceless

By Lynn Felder Winston-Salem Journal

Beal, 33, an artist who is internationally renowned for her photography and videography, is also director of the Diggs Gallery and assistant professor of Art at Winston-Salem State University. cont..