W-S Urban League Members in the news!

W-S Urban League Members in the news!

Burke family has a legacy of public service

By Todd Luck, W-S Chronicle

For the last 40 years, local residents have been casting their votes for members of the Burke family.

Winston-Salem Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian Burke first ran in 1977, winning her seat to represent the Northeast Ward on the Board of Aldermen, which is now known as the Winston-Salem City Council. She was one of the first two African-American women elected to the board; the other being Dr. Virginia Newell, who was also elected that year. Cont…


Endia Beal makes art to inspire and give voice to the voiceless

By Lynn Felder Winston-Salem JournalEndia Beal found her “why” early in life. Her “how” would come later.

Beal, 33, an artist who is internationally renowned for her photography and videography, is also director of the Diggs Gallery and assistant professor of Art at Winston-Salem State University. cont..