Get Involved

Core members

Core members join to show support of the Winston-Salem Urban League. Core members meet annually and vote to elect the board of directors. Additionally, core members get discounts to Urban League events and activities. Dues are $25 per year.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals are 21-49 years old.  The Young Professionals meet on a monthly basis and engage in volunteerism professional development, community outreach, scholarship/mentorship, and philanthropy. Dues are $40 per year.

Guild Members

Guild members are 50 and older. Members of the Guild engage in volunteerism, professional development, community outreach, scholarship/mentorship and philanthropy.  Dues are $40 per year.

Student Members

Student members are 16-21 years old. Student members meet on a regular basis with support from the young professionals and guild. They engage in volunteerism, community outreach and scholarship. Dues are $10 per year.