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Urban League CEO Meets With  Congressional Delegation Over Budget Cuts and Healthcare

Winston-Salem Urban League CEO, James Perry traveled to Washington D.C. to join almost 300 Urban League CEOs, board members, young professionals and guild members from across the United States, to advocate to members of Congress. Perry is urging North Carolina elected officials to protect progress and opportunity for low-income and minority constituents.

“Our Senior Jobs and Summer Youth programs transition 300-400 low-income North Carolinians to permanent job opportunities each year. The White House budget proposal would end those programs.” Perry continued, “If the White House has its way with policing, transportation and housing budgets, the effects on the criminal justice, public transit systems and housing programs in our community could be dire. The current plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would leave many in Forsyth County without reasonable health insurance.”

Perry has meetings with Senators Burr and Tillis and Representative Foxx and Adams today.

Perry notes, “I know every member of our delegation. I know they care about this community. The challenge is always figuring out the best way for them to help. It is my job to make sure the delegation knows when policies hurt rather than help.”